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MakotoXReader: I'm Okay
Baby, Don't cry.
Baby, don’t cry.

“I know you’re frustrated,” Makoto whispered, “I can tell something’s bothering you.”
(Name) weakly smiled up at her best friend. He was extremely sensitive and could tell she was mourning behind her pearl white smiles. She shook her head before turning away from the view of the local mall’s balcony before sliding down to sit, back leaning against the railings.
The olive haired boy chuckled softly out of clues how to get her to talk. (Name) had trust issues, he knew and he had to work and wait patiently to get to the position he was in right now. Her bestfriend. Though  he felt more than that and did admit to her his tender feelings and innocent love—she didn’t respond. That time the (color) haired girl sputtered out an excuse that she was shocked and she wasn’t thinking about love at the moment.
But Makoto knew she wa
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 61 18
Mature content
Bullied!PrussiaXReader: Celestial Meeting (3/3) :iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 60 50
Rei x Reader: Insecurities
Butterflies don’t know the color of their wings, but the human eye knows how beautiful it is..
(This takes place before Rei met the swim team.)
Ryugazaki Rei had always doubted his appearance. He didn't know how it began but whenever he found himself in front of the mirror, the boy would thoroughly inspect each feature on his face. 
He'd tilt his head in different angles to thoroughly view his bone structure.
Not firm enough.
He'd part his lips to flash a peek of his teeth.
Not pearly white enough.
He'd near his whole cheek to the mirror to catch a faint trace of a freckle.
Not flawless enough.
Finally, he stares straight into his reflection's eyes before narrowing them. There was a very thin line of stress underneath his lashes then focusing on his eye color he's even more aggravated for he can't really understand what shade his optics were. Pink? Purple? Blue? 
Not beautiful enough.
Frustrated he
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 139 84
LeviXCheater!Reader: Playing Oblivious (AU)
"Levi..." (Name)'s voice cracked. 
Levi's ears tickled at the sound of his wife's voice, filled with longing and sorrow. In the three years they had been dating and five years they had been married, he could read and detect any emotion behind her voice and her eyes easily. She needed him, and his undivided attention, he knew it. Yet, the raven haired man dared not turn around from where he lay. As much as his heart ached to comfort his love, he couldn't, not when he knew she cheated on him. Not when he played obliviously to still keep her as is wife.
Deafening silence lingered on the air as Levi's gaze focused on the shadows dancing across the floor whenever a car drove by, their lights flashing through the peeps of the curtains. He heard her choke a gulp from behind him, shifting a bit.
"G-good night."
The man silently drew in a sharp inhale. It was such a long time since the last time she greeted him good night, the last time they went to sleep together at the same hour. A
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 28 22
DenmarkXReader: Late Night Chats
King Mathias Køhler:
You should be sleeping.:p
(E/c) orbs glared at the blue and white screen. (Name) ignored the message from her arch nemesis that she assumed would be boasting of all his “King of the North” glory. The last thing the lass wanted was to hear or read all of his egotistic comments in the worst day of her life.
King Mathias Køhler:
It is impolite to ignore the King, (Name)!
With a tap of a pointer finger, the message was removed from the screen and (Name) continued to disregard him whilst she scrolled through her newsfeed.
King Mathias Køhler:
King Mathias Køhler:
(Name)~ His majesty demands his servant to reply!
King Mathias Køhler:
King Mathias Køhler:
(Name)! I know you’re online!
King Mathias Køhler:
(Name) even though you’ve turned off your availability, you must make time for the king!
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 90 26
Bullied!PrussiaXReader: Celestial Meeting (2/3)
An audible hiss left Gilbert’s bruised lips and he immediately tore away his hand tending to the wound from the left corner of his eye. At the sudden movement of his jaw, another scarlet fluid dribbled from the cut of his lips to his scraped chin. Frustrated, the snow-haired male inhaled before lifting the blood embedded cotton to his wound. He pursed his lips tightly, bracing the stinging contact of alcohol.
Sure enough, it came sharply. Gilbert attempted to keep his fingers from shaking and the tears from seeping out of his lashes. He directed his focus elsewhere to ease his pain. Of course, he thought of the good memory he had kept in his heart since last year: that celestial meeting with a (h/c) -haired girl.
It had truly been a year since he encountered that (h/c) haired angel and not seeing her after that, was a tragedy on his part. The thought of never seeing her again seemed to signify the pain of the alcohol stinging on his wound.
“Do you want us to take you to
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 86 75
DenmarkXReader: A Failed Attempt
Mathias Køhler’s favorite ebony coat flew across the room, missing the laundry basket by an inch as it fell on the tiles. Purple pajama pants followed after whilst (Name)’s (e/c) spheres narrowed in concentration. A pair of arms continued to dig through the washing machine, in quest of a missing red blouse. In sheer determination, her nails clutched tight onto every fabric that came to touch.
Why was this so important to this frustrated (h/c)-locked girl (who also, was Mathias’ wife)? It was her husband’s birthday gift to her last year so their shirts could match that same night he brought her to dinner. What made her look for it fervently was because it had a tear on one of the shoulders which she intended to sow (it got snagged from who-knows-where) and if it was that terrible when she had last seen it, she’ll bring it to the tailor’s shop.
The girl sighed loudly, she was sure she left it hanging on one of the black hangers in the corner so sh
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 88 41
DenmarkXIndependent!Reader (Prize)
    (Name) (LastName), otherwise known as the manifestation of (Country), was an extremely independent lass. She did not need anyone to babysit her. Every day, the (h/c) girl woke up at around 6:30 am and her entire house was spotless by 8:15 am. She was always 8 minutes early for World Meetings and she got all paper work done a day prior to submission. The rare and only times she had ever been late was when her car broke down or that time when her alarm clock failed to rouse her with its piercing rings.
    Mathias Køhler, otherwise known as the manifestation of Denmark, was inconsistent when it came to independence. Every morning, you’ll find his cream hand hitting the snooze once the alarm was set off. The household he lived with four other Nordic nations, was kept in order thanks to the Swedish nation (also by himself when he was in the mood.) He was always either 5 or 10 minutes late for World Meetings, blaming his fellow housemates f
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 70 42
Nanase HarukaXReader: Mackerel
“Are you feeling any better?”
You glanced up at your raven haired boyfriend from the couch; you were curled up in his blue blanket with a faint smell of fresh cologne and chlorine lingering about.
 “Y-yeah,” You lied, offering a weak smile at him, the sole cause of why you were suffering from the painful twists your sickened stomach gave you. You hoped Haruka wouldn’t see through you though, knowing how sensitive the quiet boy is.
The freestyle swimmer ‘hm’-ed, squatting to your level, as his blank ocean eyes, which reflected the color of his addiction, gazed at your lethargic (e/c) ones. Gingerly, he tucked a (h/c) lock behind your ear and parted his lips to ask a monotone question, coated with sheer concern,
“Do you need anything else?”
Slowly, you shook your head, presenting him another crooked smile, “N-no, thank you.”
Haruka exhaled, folding an elbow on the couch, resting his chin on it. You fought the blo
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 207 52
Bullied!PrussiaXReader: Celestial Meeting
An ashen haired student of Gakuen Hetalia, Gilbert Beischmidt, trudged home after another day. He internally and physically felt exhausted from keeping his ears immune from nasty whispers and dodging deliberate shoves. A pale hand ran over his pure tresses, he tried to feel good by sporting an egotistic mien but it just gave them all the more reason to pick on him. He tried smirking proudly as if it was nothing but inside he was insecure, resentful…angry.
On a whim, Gilbert remembered his little brother and a smile made its way to his grim mouth. Ah, yes Ludwig Beilschmidt, his cute little bruder, the small blonde German whose face, ever since the age of five, betrayed any emotion other than frustration or agitation. Even so, his little brother was the only one he lived on for. Vati was a drunkard which is why Mutter left and Gilbert did his very best to protect his brother from abuse. He encouraged Ludwig though he was often compared as an angel to a devilish olde
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 178 62
EnglandXReader: Chivalry is not Dead
    Fairytales are lovely things and beautiful memories of childhood. They contain magical beings such as fairies, mermaids, gnomes, witches, and dragons. Also, you rarely find a fairytale without a damsel in distress or a gallant, chivalrous knight.
     It is during these childhood days and fairytale literature when one sighs wistfully, longing for a handsome gentleman or prince. It is when you’ve grown-up, you realize, these are nothing more than fiction.
   Chivalry is dead.
(Name) had that programmed into her mind.  Those fairytales she used to read so much as a child were a fraud. The boys around her (save for her dad) loved to irritate her, either by flicking her head or ‘accidentally’ shoving her. Their reason? She’ll never know.
    (Name) wasn’t ugly or weird (though she had her ’moments’) to be the arrow target of some of these mischievous males; in fact she was beautif
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 173 80
RomanoXReader: Till Death Do Us Part (Sequel)
A lightly tanned arm searched for the covers whilst its owner was still caught in the realms of dreams. Calloused fingers ghosted over plush sheets only to find that their treasure was not there. Romano’s olive eye pried open, not finding what he was searching for, he swiftly sat him up. His wife was not there beside him, sound asleep or curled up to his side.
Oh, right.
She didn’t sleep next to him last night…
…for a month and a half.
A deep sigh of frustration swept from his chapped lips and his head hung low. Again, they had fought. Again, it made no sense. It commenced from a simple comment on a sappy TV dating game.
“She shouldn’t choose that blonde dude; he’s an egotist…too much pride.”
“No way! Not him! He complains too much!”
“Ugh…did you hear that? ‘So, I thought it was best to take her where I prefer…’ ” (Name) mimicked, continuing d
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 197 73
RomaniaXReader: Selfish, Strange
Knock. Knock.
(Name) clutched her pillow tighter, her nails scratching the fibers of soft fabric, and burying her agitated face within in it
Knock! Knock! Knock!
In attempt to‘re’-dream, she desperately tried to remember broken fragments which were once whole of her blissful dream.
Bam! Bam! Bam!
“What the-“
The disturbed (h/c) girl angrily rose from her warm fortress of covers, the cold failed to raise goose bumps on her skin for she blazing with fury. Oh, how she hated being awakened in the verge of blessed sleep. Especially now that Christmas is over, she wanted to catch up on her nights of leaving her apartment to spend Christmas with her family and she had been given the wonderful job of arranging their dinner and party, which cost a ‘no sleeping ‘ bill for her to pay.
“(Name)? (Name)!”  A panicked cry urgently yelled from outside her door.
The said girl could barely make out the owner of the voice due to it
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 137 65
RomanoXReader: Till Death Do Us Part
WARNING: I don’t swear and Romano does so…              
    A warm gust of wind from the Mediterranean waves sailed into an open window of a villa. The pastel curtains quietly flapped at its entrance upon the dark room dimly lit by the pale crescent moon. Faint sniffles left a (h/c)-haired female’s lips as it resonated through the lone room, shattering the notes of the sea’s lullaby. (Name)’s fingernails dug deeper into the cushion of her absent husband, whilst she dismissed sleep—it never came anyway. After having fought with Romano hours beforehand, she found no comfortable position without the incensed Italian by her side.
    Downstairs, the sleep deprived woman could hear pots clinking, the oven ringing at the time limit, and the occasional scraping of spoon against a dish. Romano must be cooking dinner for himself.
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 218 56


Play Me A Song (Levi XReader- One Shot!)
~~Before you read, play this for more effect. Headphones recommended~~
Levi sat down at the old piano he used to play on. He remembered how he had taught her everything, and he would sit beside her and run his hands along the keys. When she didn’t get it right, he would place his hands on top of hers and guide them along the smooth keys. He sat down on the bench and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He let it out slowly.
He lifted the lid protecting the keys and glanced at them. He hovered his fingers above the keys for a moment, before placing them down upon them and played a sorrowful tune.
He splayed his fingers back and forth as he created the gloomful notes. His mind raced with the memories of her, and he sang his song.
When I’m down,

and I can’t get up,
I reach for your hand 
to help me get back on my feet.

“Like this, Levi?”
“That’s it. You
:iconerenjaegerandaot:ErenJaegerandAOT 29 30
. shitty thoughts | Levi Ackerman
warning; excessive use of profanities and mild sexual themes

[12.35 AM]
Are you up?
Can you talk?
[12.36 AM]
What’s up, brat?
did the demons under the bed keep your shitty self awake?
[12.36 AM]
Wow, even though it’s like half past midnight, you’re still an asshole
And here I thought I could hold a civilized conversation with the person I call my ‘shitty’ boyfriend.
[12.37 AM]
Don’t act smart, [Name], you know you’re not good at it
Either you tell me what’s keeping you awake, or I’m going back to this goddamn paperwork Erwin wants me to finish by tomorrow
[12.37 AM]
Technically it’s already tomorrow, and you’re still a jackass
But whatever
Sorry for wasting your precious time, bitch, Eren would be more than happy to hold a late night conversation with me, so hasta la vista, Ass-man
[12.38 AM]
Tch, brat,
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 46 25
Eventually XII {Dark!Bertholdt x Reader} {FINAL}
Words could never describe the agonising rush of ice and acid that seemed to pulse through your veins and sprinkle your skin like morning raindrops. You looked at your dress, blood, Bertholdt's blood, seeping through the lace and silk, licking against your skin like liquid fire and staining your body red.
You wanted to scream, to cry, to fall to your knees... but how could you?
You watched, never moving, never making a sound, as everything around you began to run in slow-motion. Bertholdt gripped onto his opened neck with both hands, trying to hold his life together. But you knew he wouldn't be able to, he wouldn't be able to live. More and more thick, hot blood ran through the gaps between his fingers, watering the ground with death, staining the pure white daisies ugly crimson, much like you.
His eyes, those beautiful green eyes that you feel deeply and irrevocably in love with, were beginning to drain of power and alertness as his heavy lids began fluttering shut.
"(Y/n)..." His cry
:iconpersephon-e:Persephon-e 208 137
Mononoke Hime by Astri-Lohne Mononoke Hime :iconastri-lohne:Astri-Lohne 10,244 306 healing spring by Incantata healing spring :iconincantata:Incantata 2,894 208
About selfishness and self-hatred (Levi x Reader)
You don't want him to see you.
How can he accept you, how can he love you, when you yourself can't? You're scared of what's to come, the only thing you wish is to run, run from him, run from yourself. Keep on running, live all of your life running from everyone around you, always running from yourself, but how can you run from something within you? How can you run from the person you are? You can't be anyone else, you can only pretend to be someone else, but deep down you're still the you that you hate. And it won't change.
The minute the truth escaped from your lips, you knew everything would change. You thought it would be over, you believed in it with all of your heart, that's why you kept living that lie you made out, that's why you kept suffering in silence, crying yourself to sleep every night because you couldn't tell him the truth. And when you finally do, you want to run again, to pretend again, to be someone else. No. Actually, you want to cease to be you. You want to disappe
:iconjennycolt:JennyColt 19 3
SpainxReader - Responsibility (Request)
You lay on your back. Eyes strained on the cracked ceiling above you, your mind wandered aimlessly. Your chest was hollow, the energy within you simply having been drained away. The tears had long since dried upon your cheeks, the skin taut below your bottom lids and at the corners of your mouth. You didn’t want to move, and made no inclination to do so.
The world was over. Nothing could be the same again. It was all over… all over. You might as well cease to exist.
The only thing that was remotely drawing you to reality was the warm weight on your stomach. It was Antonio, your husband of two years, and judging by his troubled guise, you knew that this affected him as much as it affected you. It was strange seeing him so subdued, without a twerk of his lips or his jade irises filled with some kind of joy. He looked tired, the purple bags under his eyes and the contraction of his eyebrows adding to his already exhausted appearance. You felt accountable for it all.
You swallo
:icondoubleox515:doubleox515 50 34
Attack On Facebook [SNK!Various x Reader]
[Name] [Last Name] posted a status
Petition for me to be the new Heichou.
Erwin Smith, Hanji Zoe, Eren Jaeger, and 15 people like this

Erwin Smith: What makes you think you can be corporal?
[Name] [Last Name]: Because I take things seriously unlike Mr.Windex Cleaner. 
Erwin Smith: Valid point.
Levi Ackerman: No more love for you [Name].
[Name] [Last Name]: That's fine, you're cheating on me with Windex anyways.
Levi Ackerman: Shut up brat!
Eren Jaeger added 3 new photos -- with Titan
Selfie with Titans! B)
Jean Kirstein, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlet, and 9 people like this
Jean Kirstein:
Mikasa Ackerman: What the hell Eren? You could have gotten hurt! I'm making sure you're by my side at all times.
Eren Jaeger: Calm your self Mikasa.
:iconroyaldere:royaldere 471 84
Home (Eren X Reader)
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
Hold on to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave is stringing us along
Just know you're not alone
'Cause I'm gonna make this place your home

    Hardly anything seemed right nowadays, nothing came out as it was supposed to. It felt as if the weight of the world was on your shoulders and despite using all your strength you couldn't lift it off, not even an inch. The exhaustion was beginning to wear away your energy bit by bit, leaving you drained and weary beyond comprehension, where you'd collapse onto your mattress day after day without a word of your emotional war. Of course you'd never utter a word of your issues to a soul, in fear they'd worry about you when they already had so much to look over. You hid your tears and your quiet -almost silent- sobs, keeping them muffled into your pillow so no one would realize the amount of pain you really were in. Yet
:icongreystream:Greystream 117 36
I cry for my mother
Oh, how I miss her
I cry for my auntie
I cry for my father
I cry for me
Because I'm not ready to go just yet
I'm getting closer to the end
It makes me miss everything  earlier
Because I cannot stop time
I'll finish it here
I hope you can fill the next pages for me
:iconjennycolt:JennyColt 2 4
Promises. Makoto x Reader
Promise. Makoto x Reader (College AU thingy???)
For the last week both you and your boyfriend had been extremely busy to the point that you almost never saw each other. You stayed up late each night studying for your upcoming finals and by the time you made it to bed, you only had a couple of hours to pass out next to him before he would be gone for his early morning swim practices. On top of that, you had no classes together meaning that you literally never saw each other throughout the day. It was almost as if someone wanted the two of you to drift apart.
Yet here you were, once again hunched over a library desk, hoping to cram some more information from you textbook into your brain so that you had at least a chance of not failing your class. You wanted nothing more than to head back to your apartment and snuggle with your giant of a boyfriend, but instead you forced yourself to stay in your seat and scribble down more notes over things you were sure you needed to know. For the next
:iconceader43:Ceader43 212 13
Small Doses {Levi x Reader} [Drabble]
Please Listen to this piece while reading!
Each kiss was subtle.
Each glance was loving.
And it all came in small doses.
This was the way Levi was.
This was the way your love with him was and just how it functioned so well. Not that you minded, of course. Since Levi was a different soul, you understood your love would be unlike any other.
It would be filled with uncertainties and constant fear of waking one morning to only remember that the other was not with them anymore. This world was a world in which love could not be treated so lightheartedly, a world where death was there each moment your eyes cracked open.
Yet, your love with Humanity's Strongest blossomed in this world of inevitable pain like a flower in the sidewalk crevice.
You could even remember the night you were able to work up enough courage to reach for his vacant palm. That night on top of the roof where he once spoke to you of He, Isabel, and Farlan watch
:iconkatsuhana:Katsuhana 164 69
SpainxReader Anything
He remembers when he was young, when the grass grew tall and the days stretched out into endless moments of passion. He remembers hiding in the tall brush, watching, waiting. He crouched low, pulling one large strand of grass aside, and gasped as decadent beauty graced his innocent eyes from between the leafy green strands. There she was, walking along the path with a beautiful orange lily perched in her hair, with petals spread wide like the sun. She glowed. He was certain of it. She was an angel. That he remembered well. She smiled, bending over to pick a Gazania flower. Her breathtaking beam commanded sunlight down through his chest and stomach, making his knees wobble uncontrollably. She brought the flower to her nose, taking in a deep, soothing breath. Antonio watched in awe, unable to move from the tall grass. God, she was beautiful. More beautiful than the grass, than the ocean, even more than the flowers he gave to his mama on her birthday. A gust of wind blew over the pasture,
:icondeikus-is-hellbound:Deikus-is-hellbound 104 61
In My Dreams. FarlanxReader
Just how fucked up did today have to be?
You sat in a police car, a blanket wrapped around your shoulders as officers milled around the large field you’d been walking around in. The field was close to your house and you cut through it to make your daily trek to and from school shorter. Only today, your foot had gotten caught in a gopher hole and long story short, a lot of dirt got dislodged and after trying to dig something colorful out of the ground, you found a dead body.
You called the cops immediately and they’d found you pacing and hyperventilating from the shock. Detective Zoe walked up to you, her notepad in her hand.
“Hey, how’re you doing [First]?” she asked, leaning against the open car door.
“I-I’m doing better. Over the initial shock, I think,” you replied weakly . “Do you know who I found yet?”
“Well, the identity discs found on the body say Farlan Church, so we’re assuming it’s a man, ” sh
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